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Oregon Yeshiva Experience

Oregon Yeshiva Experience


Come study with Moses, Maimonidies and a couple of guys from Brooklyn 

The Oregon Yeshiva Experience

July 20th - 31st

8:30 - 10:00 am

At the Benaroya Jewish Learning Institute - 2317 Sw Vermont St.,


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To donate by check please make the check payable to: Chabad Yeshiva Experience- 2125 Ne 45th, Portland 97213



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“Most of the people were amazed at how so many things presented hundreds and even thousands of years ago as solutions to various problems are so extremely relevant to today’s modern practice” - Dr. Howard Lazarus.

"Not only has taking a JLI course enhanced my knowledge about a subject I was not as familiar with, but it has allowed me to meet Jews in a setting that is friendly, fun and participant-driven. Rabbi Wilhelm delivers what can be an intimidating topic into a lesson that leaves one craving more." – Jason Kaufman

The JLI courses I took oozed meaning and purpose. The beautifully taught and presented material gives us a remarkably articulated greater awareness of who we are and before whom we stand. We become even more connected to G-d, Torah, and each other. We are deeply enriched by the experience in a way that enhances every moment of everyday life. – Linda Rothchild
“I was really unaware of the depth and differences of the Jewish/Halachic views regarding ethical decision making. It was a very eye-opening experience to see how so many ancient laws and not so ancient commentaries still could be applied to modern day medicine and medical issues that no one could have begun to envision at the time the Torah was written" - Dr. Barry Newman
 "This course is extremely enlightening for anyone either interested in, or on, the path of self improvement. It is taught with vigor from a very solid base of knowledge in a very caring manner." – Ron Popkin

Rabbi Motti brings out questions and answers and conversations, I didn't experience in other classrooms" - Neil Benaroya